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JOINT OCEAN SHIPPING CO.,LTD (JOSCO)undertakes bulk cargo marine transportation business in a professional way. Based on the Tianjin Port and covering major domestic ports, it is able to ensure 1-2 vesls with loading and unloading services in those major ports each month, and provides quality charter and booking services for ore, coal, steel equipment bulk cargos as well as tons of bags of chemical products.

Meanwhile,Tianjin Tanggu office undertakes the import and export of bulk cargo port services, including: the harbor unloading, cargo bundling class steel reinforcement, thatch cover stockpiling, warehousing temporary sharing, importand export customs declaration, inspection, pre-shipment inspection, L/S/D,issued Post-shipping monitoring reports.

Dalian office is committed to serving the northeastern port-exporting customers, and a professional team of containers, import and export container booking for the whole route, trailer, signing the bill of loading, along with a series of full-service of door to door transport inforeign countries.


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